On-going: CASE STUDY to Redesign Free Sound Website

Case study/Prototyping, 2019

Redesign case study for the online open-source sound archive “www.freesound.org”
The current site is like a blog and shows snippets of everything so overwhelming.
I spent 6 hours to investigate the current site and community
and made a site-map and wireframes with the suggested solution.
The case study is still on-going for the product design stage.


Clarifying the core service and philosophy of the current Freesound website and community.
Encourage users to support the organization to keep the archive sustainable.


6 hours (Research, analysis, persona, user journey, site-map, wireframe)


A. Philosophy

— Introducing a tagline at the top of the site gives a quick idea of what they are: sound archive.
— Show the statistics of users right above the footer to emphasize the fact that Freesound is an active community.
— The footer tells an in-depth description of their role, and the support button encourages users to donate.

B. Function

— Focus on the core function of the site “sound archive.”
— Create a comprehensive search bar for different types of users (quick search, advance search, inspirational search).

Quick Search Bar

Advanced Search Bar

Inspirational Search Bar

*The case study is still on-going for the product design stage*