This multifold booklet is a fictitious letter sent to Noam Chomsky. The letter is written by Jinyoung Lee,
a South Korean train conductor and a leader of the worker’s union for Korail, the company where he used to work.

This story is based on the real legal case of Jinyoung Lee, which occurred between 2016–2017. He was under
investigation for allegations of antigovernment activity due to the online archive Labor’s Book that he has been running.
Labor’s Book archives out-of-print articles and books in literature, politics, socialism, and socioeconomics.
The government suspected Lee of promoting communism and North Korean politics; however, he was eventually
acquitted because most of the books archived were available from the National Library of Korea
and also in any used book stores.In this large, provocative letter, Jinyoung gives details the specifics
of his bizarre situation. It is designed with blue and red to symbolize South and North Korea.
On the centerfold,it lists 100books forbidden by the South Korean government.