Identity Design, 2017

This is an identity concept design for Hierapolis–Pamukkale, a Unesco World Heritage site in Turkey.

This identity system embraces the very different nature of two locations:
Hierapolis, Roman heritage, and Pamukkale, a travertine terrace.
In the identity system, the logo is a combination of the two sites’ mark.
Each of the logos can also be used separately to represent each respective site.
There are variations of combined marks that create a series of patterns.

The critical elements of the layout of applications are long vertical color bars.
The color bars function as an index, button, or divider on both prints and digital applications.

For example, the color bar divides the website into two main categories; the pink for Hierapolis–Pamukkale,
the blue for Unesco World Heritage. Under each color bar, it has sub-menus opening horizontally.