KIA Motors SUV Promotion

Product Design, 2014

This concept product, a set of cooking tools for SUV drivers and outdoor enthusiasts, 
was designed to highlight the lifestyle of KIA Motors' SUV drivers.
It was exhibited in the 2014 Paris Motor Show alongside the KIA Motors' new SUV model.

Based on customer data and research, we looked toward the camping culture that is popular in
the target group and focused on young drivers in their late 20s to late 30s, who love going camping
with their families and friends—and cooking is a big part of their outdoor experiences. 

The result was the slick but handy outdoor cooking tool kit that shares its visual concept with KIA's
brand identity and the new SUV's appearance. In collaboration with the chef Jean George, a unique recipe was created
in conjunction with the cooking kit and inscribed on the wooden case, which also serves as a cutting board. 

Ordinary Lab | Jieun Kim, Hyein You, Minsung Kim, Junghyun Bae


Art Direction, Project managing, 2d Design, Graphic Design

KIA Motors, Innocean