In 1965, the spacecraft Ranger 8 captured high-resolution photos of the surface of the moon. Active for only 65 hours,
the machine was designed to crash to the moon and transmit the 7000 resulted images back to Earth.
These photos used as a topographic study for the Apollo missions. Learning Machine Learning is an archive of my two journeys.

For 6.5 hours, I walked a scaled-down version of the route of Ranger 8 and documented the journey through images.
I repeated this journey twice, once as a machine taking photography of the ground like Ranger 8, the other as a human being
fully aware of my feelings and questions over the course. Through this project, I wanted to vicariously share my experiences
of being a machine to the question of what’s human and what’s a machine for building a better future
by connecting these two trajectories on one website.