In 2017, RISD featured a travelling collection of the 2016 winners of the Most Beautiful Swiss Books
that is organized by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture. Reading Reading is a celebration of books
and the reading experience. The reader reads not only text and image, but also context, materials, production, and
experience when interacting with a book. This exhibition prompts an interpretation of reading as both a verb and a noun—
a process, as well as an object to be examined. In the show, I was on the identity design team.

One of my responsibilities was designing captions for the books. My focus for the caption design was
the physical and emotional length of the action of reading books—which I find very intimate.
To introduce each book, instead of having a caption, a set of two bookmarks were placed between important pages
which highlights the distinctive features closely. The first has the book’s written description,
and the second contains the book’s colophon information with its margins. These bookmark captions
suggest two different ways of reading books and draws the reader inside to look closely.