Website, 2018

Signaling is a primary communicative category, under which language.
Like humans, animals have their own communication system;they too use signals to transmit messages.
Between humans and animals, however, communication breaks down to visceral gestures.

Signal Processor is an interactive audiovisual website mimicking a gesture of signaling through abstract
forms and sounds. Each time an alphabet key on the computer is hit, a signal is sent to the website.
Each signal is a unique combination of an image and a sound.These discrete forms layer on top of each other,
buildings sometimes a messy, or even empty canvas. In this project, I wanted to makea platform for
expressions beyond the boundaries of language-based communication.

I focus on the messages lost in translation. When meaning is uncertain, the signal is
ambiance and noise transmitting the presence of something on the other side.

Jieun Kim

David Kim