This poster is an abstract composition made out of plastic molds inspired and made by a vacuum former.
A vacuum former is a flatbed industrial machine that melts and stretches a sheet of plastic turning into a mold,
such as a plastic egg carton. I investigated the nature of the machine in terms of its common usage,
function, structure, and process then applied my research into my form making methodology.

The prompt of the project was “form to the tool: using the thing that makes the form to lead the form.”
I was particularly interested in the process of using the machine. Base objects are staged on a wooden bed with holes
underneath a plastic sheet. When the plastic sheet melts, air blows through the holes and shoots the objects
up to the plastic sheet. The objects are then sucked and tightly covered by the white plastic.

I observed this moment as similar to the process of launching a spaceship into outer space.
The plastic molds that I made were transferred to the stretched and floating forms, like the spaceship, on this long vertical poster.